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Awlcraft SE: Awlcraft SE Repair Manual

A step by step manual explaining the proper way to blend an Awlcraft SE Basecoat repair.

Awlgrip: Proper Surface Cleaning…
A clean, dry surface is essential to the success of any coatings application. Our systems include products and procedures which will enable….

Awlgrip Application Guide…
Everything you need to know about applying every Awlgrip product….

Interlux: Boat Painting Guide…
Interlux’s Boat Painting Guide and Color Card
gives you a quick overview of all Interlux products
available for both above and below the water…

Interlux: Interprotect for Prevention and Repair…
InterProtect has proven itself to be a universal
primer. Below the waterline it can be used for
corrosion protection on all underwater…

Interlux: Previously Painted Fiberglass Hulls…
If antifouling paint on the boat is unknown
proceed to Option B. If antifouling paint on boat
is known refer to the Interlux® Antifouling…

Pettit: Antifouling Paint Types…
The type of anti‐fouling paint you choose will
depend greatly on many conditions. The main
objectives are to provide the best performing…

Sikaflex: How to bond and seal Mineral Glass…
The direct mineral glazing into frames or directly
into the hull or deck, requires a full understanding
of all the important principles involved….

Sikaflex: How to bond and Seal Plastic Windows…
Most of the organic glazing materials used in boat
building are either clear acrylic sheet (PMMA),
widely marketed under trade names….

Sikaflex: Marine Teak Deck Bedding System…
The Sikaflex®-290 DC adhesive system was
developed specifically for teak decking materials.
This product makes the joints of decking….

Sikaflex: Bonding / Sealing of Fittings / Hardware
All kinds of deck fittings and hardware need to
be securely fixed and totally watertight. Some of
these fittings can be subject….

West System: Epoxy Chemistry…
Mixing epoxy resin and hardener begins a
chemical reaction that transforms the combined
liquid ingredients to a solid. The time it….

West System: Applying Cloth & Tape…
Fiberglass cloth is applied to surfaces to provide
reinforcement and/or abrasion resistance, or in the
case of Douglas Fir plywood, to prevent….

West System: Bonding (Gluing) & Clamping…
This section refers to two types of bonding. Two-step
bonding is the preferred method for most situations
because it promotes maximum….

West System: Bonding Fasteners & Hardware…
Installing screws and other threaded fasteners with
WEST SYSTEM epoxy dramatically improves load
carrying capacity by spreading the fastener’s….

West System: Cold Temperature Bonding…
We have been formulating and using epoxy resins
since 1969—in warm weather and cold, under ideal
shop conditions and in miserable, field repair….

West System: Final Fairing & Finishing…
The first part of this manual describes final fairing
techniques as they apply to boatbuilding and boat
repair. These techniques are also….

West System: Surface Preparation…
Whether you are bonding, fairing or applying fabrics,
the success of the application depends not only on
the strength of the epoxy, but also on how….

West System: Final Surface Prep…
Proper finishing techniques will not only add beauty
to your efforts, but will also protect your work from
ultraviolet light, which will break down….

West System: Problem Solver…
This guide is designed to help identify and prevent
potential problems you may encounter using
WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. If the solutions described….