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3M 6″ 236U Stikit Gold “C” Weight Sandpaper Discs

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3M 6″ 236U Stikit Gold Sanding Discs are excellent for gelcoat, wood and plastic applications.


3M 6″ 236U STIKIT GOLD “C” WEIGHT DISC ROLLS – A strong “C” weight backing provides excellent support for a tough and durable aluminum oxide mineral. These discs are aggressive, sharp, fast-cutting and long lasting. The non-staining Fre-Cut resists loading and the pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures excellent adhesion to 3M Stikit pads. Excellent for gelcoat, wood and plastic applications. Disc is 6″ x NH. Product is sold by the roll of 100 discs.

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80C Grit PN# 55560, 100C Grit PN# 55561, 120C Grit PN# 55562, 150C Grit PN# 55563, 180C Grit PN# 55564, 220C Grit PN# 55565, 240C Grit PN# 55566, 320C Grit PN# 55567, 400C Grit PN# 55568, 500C Grit PN# 55569


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