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3M Feathering Disc Adhesive

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3M Feathering Disc Adhesive Type II is specially formulated to allow multiple disc applications without adhesive buildup or paper delamination. Discs remove easily and cleanly.

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3M FEATHERING DISC ADHESIVE TYPE II – Our 3M™ Feathering Disc Adhesive is formulated to hold A-weight sandpaper discs firmly to disc back-up pads during featheredging, yet allow for easy removal without delamination. The natural rubber adhesive applies smoothly and resists buildup. Auto body technicians simply pull the disc gently from the pad and reapply for quick, multiple change-outs with no paper residue, saving time and cost. Sold by the 5 oz. tube.

3M Feathering Disc Adhesive – SDS

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