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3M Detailing Squeeze Bottle

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Ketchup style squeeze bottle. Includes spout top. Use for dispensing compounds, glazes, polishes and liquid wax.


3M DETAILING SQUEEZE BOTTLE – 3M developed their Detailing Squeeze Bottle for efficiently storing and dispensing auto body polishes, compounds, glazes, liquid wax and solvents. Fluorinated high density polyethylene construction resists paneling and helps preserve the integrity of common auto shop compounds. Squeeze bottle includes a removable spout top for easy dispensation and a cap to prevent spillage. Bottle is 12 oz. Product is sold by the each.

  • Ideal for auto body shops – originally developed to preserve integrity of 3M™ polishes
  • Fluorinated to reduce permeation, discoloration and paneling
  • Easy “ketchup bottle” style squeeze dispensation
  • Convenient 12-ounce size is easy to hold and use
  • Safe, long-lasting and cost-effective squeeze bottle for auto shop polishes and compounds

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Weight 0.1500 lbs
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