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Arjay 6011 Pourable Transom Compound 5gal

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Its intended use is as a core material in the transoms of power boats. Arjay’s Pourable Ceramic Compound has a compressive strength of over 2,900 psi and is relatively light weight (7.2 lbs/gal).

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ARJAY 6011 CERAMIC POURABLE TRANSOM COMPOUND – Since 1995, Arjay’s Ceramic Pourable Compound is Over 50,000 Transoms Strong…and Growing. Boat manufacturing processes have improved a lot over the years, and Arjay has been there every step of the way. Our CPC is becoming the standard for boat hull transoms, where extremely high compressive and flexural strengths and low exotherm in large masses are not only required, they’re everything. Today’s transoms hold more weight and power than ever before, and failure is not an option. Arjay products most often are developed with a specific application in mind. Our Ceramic Pourable Compound (CPC) is one such example. Its intended use is as a core material in the transoms of power boats. In this application CPC’s low exotherm in considerable mass, high compressive strength (over 2,900 psi) and relative light weight (7.2 lbs/gal) combine to make it one of our more successful Performance Products. Product is sold by the 5-gallon pailCatalyze with MEKP which is sold separately. But our customers have discovered many other uses for this versatile product: • Coring small parts • Providing a bed for mounting engines • Backing up two part molds • Repairing dry rot in transoms and stringers • Backing up marine hardware


Gel Time: 21 Minutes Interval: 52 Minutes Total: 73 Minutes Peak Exotherm is 130°F

                        CATALYZATION CHART

Material Temperature       CC / Gal.        CC / 5 Gal.

          60°F – 65°F                    63cc               310cc

          65°F – 70°F                    57cc               279cc

          70°F – 75°F                    51cc               248cc

          75°F – 80°F                    47cc               232cc

          80°F – 85°F                    38cc               186cc

          85°F – 90°F                    32cc               155cc

          90°F – 95°F                    25cc               124cc

SHIPPING NOTE: Product is considered hazardous to ship.  We will contact you prior to shipping the order to notify you of the actual shipping cost.  Any questions, please give us a call.  Thank you for understanding.


Arjay 6011 Pourable Transom Compound – TDS
Arjay 6011 Pourable Transom Compound – SDS
Arjay 6011 Catalyzation Chart Arjay 6011 Usage Calculator

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Weight 40.0000 lbs
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