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Axalta 200 Silicone

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A slow evaporating solvent mixture used primarily to remove oil and grease residues.
This product is used for cleaning sanded, old or original finishes, and surfaces coated with primer or surfacer which have been subsequently sanded.

1. Always use a clean cloth when wiping away Axalta Silicone Remover 200.
2. Do not allow Axalta Silicone Remover 200 to dry on the surface.
3. Allow cleaned surfaces to dry completely before recoating.
4. Heavily soiled areas need to be cleaned more than once.
5. This product is not suitable for cleaning spray guns or tools or removing release agents from raw plastic parts.
6. Axalta Silicone Remover 210 Water or Axalta Silicone Remover 220 Low VOC must be used for final cleaning prior to use of any waterborne products.


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