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Coconut Grease Grabber Hand Cleaner

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Tough On Dirt – Industrial strength hand cleaner formulated with millions of dirt busting poly “scrubbers” that dig out and mop up even the toughest soils.


COCONUT GREASE GRABBER HAND CLEANER – A powerful paste-style hand cleaner formulated with dirt busting “poly” scrubbers that dig out and mop up tough soils. Choose from fresh smelling lemon lime or coconut scents to tackle your dirtiest jobs. It fights foul odors including fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, and much more! Grease Grabber® contains no harsh solvents and is fortified with soothing emollients to keep hard-working hands soft, moisturized, and healthy. Just add a small amount of water to about a tablespoon of Grease Grabber®. Suggested Applications: Removes Dirt, Grease, Oil, Adhesives, Paint, Hydraulic Fluids, and more! Product is sold by the 4 lb. tub.

Coconut Grease Grabber – SDS

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Weight 6 lbs
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