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Duratec Hi Gloss Clear Additive

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Hi-Gloss Clear Gelcoat Additive


DURATEC HI-GLOSS CLEAR ADDITIVE – A superior product for gelcoat repair and for enhancing tooling gelcoat properties. Usage: Blended with gelcoats for gelcoat repairs; blended with tooling gelcoats to upgrade mold surfaces. Hi-Gloss Clear Additive provides a low porosity when used for repairs, blending the additive with gelcoat. The low viscosity of the blend also reduces orange peel resulting in a smooth finish that is easily sanded. Hi-Gloss Clear Additive has improved properties for mold surfaces, the blending of the additive with tooling gelcoat creates a higher heat distortion temperature, improved gloss retention, increased impact resistance and reduced subsurface porosity. When blended 1:1 with gelcoats, the additive creates an air-cure, enamel-like coating. No air-dry additive is required. When used for gelcoat repair, surfaces are restored to like-new condition. Product is catalyzed with MEKP (sold separately). Product is sold by the gallon.

Gel Time: Sample based on a 100 g mass, catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP – 16-20 min.

SHIPPING NOTE: Product is considered hazardous if shipping by air.  If you choose to ship this product by Air, we will contact you prior to shipping the order to notify you of the actual shipping cost.  Any questions, please give us a call.  Thank you for understanding.

Duratec 904-001 Clear Additive – TDS
Duratec 904-001 Clear Additive – SDS

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Weight 15 lbs
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