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Expanding 2-Part Pour Foam Kits

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Expanding 2-Part Pour Foams are water blown rigid polyurethane foams designed for molding and void filling applications.

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EXPANDING 2-PART POUR FOAM KITS – Our Pour Foam systems are water blown rigid polyurethane foams designed for molding and void filling applications. The product can be designed to meet a variety of reactivity requirements without sacrificing product quality. The unique
handling characteristics of this Pour Foam series systems provide ease of mixing by hand and produce uniform product with excellent cell structure. This product does not contain any CFC blowing agent or other Ozone depleting chemicals.  Available in 2 lb. Foam and 4 lb. Foam kits. Product is sold by the 1/2 Gallon Kits, 2 Gallon Kits and 10 Gallon Kits.

Preparation: Area to be foamed must be dry.  Be sure to have an escape for foam, we suggest a minimum of 1.5″ – 2″ hole.  The foam will continue to expand and can cause damage if it does not have a place to escape.  Calculate amount of foam needed using the chart below.  NOTE: This liquid has an extremely short work time – USUALLY LESS THAN 1 MINUTE!  Have everything ready ahead of time.

Measuring and Mixing: Using plastic buckets, measure equal parts of “A” (activator) and “B” (base).  Pour each one into a paper mixing bucket.  Stir briskly for 30 seconds.  Liquid will begin to turn into foam immediately.  Squeeze paper bucket to form a funnel and pour liquid into area to be filled. Try not to overfill. Mixture will continue to “foam” and expand for a few minutes.  Let stand for 30 minutes.  More foam can be added and will bond to itself if enough foam was not mixed the first time.


DO NOT GET LIQUID FOAM ON GELCOAT, IT WILL LEAVE A STAIN! If foam gets on existing gelcoat, the only way to remove it is to sand with wet / dry sandpaper (220-400 grit)

                                                        HOW MUCH FOAM DO I NEED???

2# Density (Flotation / Support)                                                          4# Density (Installing Fuel Tanks)

2 Qt. Kit: 2 cubic feet of foam                                                                            2 Qt. Kit: .75 cubic feet of foam

2 Gal. Kit: 8 cubic feet of foam                                                                           2 Gal. Kit: 2.25 cubic feet of foam

10 Gal. Kit: 40 cubic feet of foam                                                                   10 Gal. Kit: 20 cubic feet of foam

2# Foam Supports 60 lbs. / cubic foot                                                         4# Foam Supports 25 lbs. / cubic foot

SHIPPING NOTE: All sizes considered hazardous if shipping by air. 5 gallon pails considered hazardous if shipped with both UPS Ground or Air. We will contact you with the accurate freight charge.


To view the SDS for Expanding Pour Foam: CLICK HERE

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1/2 Gallon Kit, 2 Gallon Kit, 10 Gallon Kit


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