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Nida-Core MatLine Laminate Bulker

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Nida-Core’s Matline Bulker is a  fully moldable core material and is compatible with most resin systems to produce lightweight sandwich panels

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NIDA-CORE MATLINE LAMINATE BULKER – Matline Bulker is a  fully mouldable core material and is compatible with most resin systems to produce lightweight sandwich panels. Matline is non-woven textile made from fine polyester fiber, manufactured in a continuous process similar to needle-punched felt. As the fiber is processed a 50% by volume load of hollow polyacrylonitrile microspheres is introduced along with an acrylic binder. Perforations to facillitate faster resin saturation are hot needled into the Matline as a final process before coiling and converting.

Most laminate bulkers available in the marketplace today are made of polyester fiber and glass microspheres. Only Matline has MULTI-DIRECTIONAL fiber orientation. Unlike the unidirectional fiber orientation used in bulker products manufactured by most of our competitors, our multi-directional fiber orientation provides equal strength characteristics in both length and width directions. It also helps in wetting out the laminate equally in both directions, as opposed to easier wet out in one direction in linear fiber products.

  • Print blocking: Thinner-grade Matline is a very effective print-through barrier when placed behind a skin coat.
  • Screw retention: Matline adds excellent screw retention capability to a laminate, and can be placed, for example, around the perimeter of swim platforms for rub rail installation.
  • Microcracking prevention: Matline reduces demolding cracks and stress cracks in gel coated parts.

PN# 78351 2mm – 39″ x 262′
PN# 78369 3mm – 39″ x 164′
PN# 78377 4mm – 39″ x 131′


To view the PDS for MatLine Laminate Bulker: CLICK HERE

To view the SDS for MatLine Laminate Bulker: CLICK HERE

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2mm, 3mm, 4mm


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