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Rupes Wash and Decontamination Mitt


The RUPES Wash & Decontamination Mitt is an all-in-one solution to wash and decontaminate your vehicle.

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Use the plush synthetic microfiber side to gently remove grime, road tar, and dirt; use the synthetic clay side to remove stubborn embedded contaminates that regular washing won’t remove. This versatile Wash Mitt provides an efficient and effective approach to cleaning.

Use the synthetic microfiber side with M101, M707, or equivalent automotive soap to safely remove dirt and road film. The soft synthetic microfibers enhance the ability of any shampoo to safely release surface contamination without scratching or dulling the surface.

Once the vehicle has been rinsed free of dirt, switch to the synthetic clay side. Lubricate the surface before using an appropriate spray or clean soap and water mixture. Gently rub the synthetic clay side of the Wash Mitt across the surface to remove embedded contamination until it feels smooth.

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