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Sikaflex 221 Adhesive and Sealant

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Sikaflex 221 is a one-component, fast curing polyurethane based elastomeric adhesive/sealant.


SIKAFLEX 221 ONE COMPONENT ADHESIVE SEALANT – One Component, fast curing polyurethane based elastomeric adhesive/sealant. Moisture cured, non-sag system. Permanently elastic bond to fasten materials which have dissimilar coefficients of expansion. Applications: Exposed/concealed lap seams, rivet seams, roof rails, expansion/control joints, pre-cast concrete panel joints and tilt up panel joints. Substrates: Aluminum, steel, wood, FRP, SMC, RIM, prepainted metals, Zincalume, Zincgrip and aluminized steel – many without primers. Advantages: Does not attack metal coatings, rapid cure. Over paint once fully cured, with water, oil and rubber based coatings. Provides shock resistance, vibration damping. Weather resistant, resistant to road salts. Resistant to cuts and tears. Product is sold by the 10 oz. caulking tube or 20 oz. soft pack “sausage” tube.

CURE TIME: Tack free time 60 minutes. Full cure time depends on humidity levels and thickness of application.

NOTE: NSF approved for incidental food contact and potable water (black and white only).

Sikaflex 221 Adhesive / Sealant – PDS
Sikaflex 221 Adhesive / Sealant – SDS

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10 oz., 20 oz.


White, Aluminum, Black


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