1208 Bias +/- 45 50″ Roll

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Biaxial Fabrics are a stitch-bonded, non-crimp, composite reinforcement comprised of unidirectional warp(0°) and weft (90°) plies.

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BIAS FABRIC -Double Bias is a stitch-bonded composite reinforcement combining equal amounts of continuous fiber oriented in the +45° and -45° directions into a single fabric. This construction offers off-axis reinforcement without the need to rotate other materials on a bias. Double Bias offers superior structural performance in applications subject to extreme shear and torsion stress. These properties are ideal for applications such as wind blades, marine panels, and snowboards. These fabrics offer improved conformability over biaxial fabrics yet maintain comparable laminate properties, making them ideal for placement within complex parts. The roll is 50″ wide and the fabric consists of a 12 oz cloth with a 3/4 oz. mat on the back.

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Weight 2.5000 lbs
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